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For busy women looking to be fit, confident and unstoppable!






Kickstart Your Fitness

Maybe you’re feeling unmotivated and stuck in a rut, or maybe it’s just been so long since you’ve exercised that your confidence has gone. Don’t worry, we get it. Which is why we designed this program for you!


Discover how our Fitness Kickstart Program is a unique opportunity to re-energise and reignite your motivation for health and fitness in an empowering, supportive and intimate space.

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"“This is the first time I have felt like I found a gym/program that gave me the facts I needed, but also provided me with the tools I need to keep myself motivated long into the future. I can honestly say there’s nothing else out there like it.””

Nadia - Oakleigh South

3 Powerful Reasons to be part of this Program


Knowledge is incredibly empowering. Which is why we’ll teach you all about how your body works (and what not to do!).

We’ll also show you how to get your mindset working for you, rather than against you, so that you build confidence and take control of your results


We provide a complete system so that you simply can’t fail. This is not a program that involves us yelling at you as you ‘get down and give me 20’.


This system takes a holistic approach to creating sustainable change, ensuring your results continue to improve well after you’ve completed the program.


Be a part of a community that champions your progress and supports you every step of the way. Also receive personalised support that is relevant to your goals and body type.

“The Fitness Kickstart Program is the most comprehensive four week program I have ever completed and a truly holistic approach to health.Thanks for a phenomenal comprehensive program. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fitness and health program that is a game changer"

D'Anne - Brighton

Normal Program Price $500

Special Offer Price $297


***Applications End Tonight***

What's Included...

3 x weekly STRENGTH & HIIT small-group training sessions that promise to boost your confidence while you build your body into a lean machine that’s toned and full of energy.

A complete NUTRITION BLUEPRINT We promise no fads, no crazy diets. Just simple science that takes into account your metabolism, your hormones and your lifestyle and has proven to work time and time again so you can concentrate on a strategy that works without any confusion.

MINDSET SEMINAR, because let’s be honest, the reason most of us aren’t achieving optimal health is not that we don’t know what to do, but rather because we don’t consistently follow through. You can’t get sustainable results without changing your mindset. Fact.

A supportive COMMUNITY that's full of incredible women just like you

A COMPLETE SYSTEM that actually works

Training Times

Launch: 8th February 2020


Option 1:  

Tuesdays & Thursdays 7.30-8.30pm

& Saturdays 9.30-10.30am

Option 2:

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9.30-10.30am

& Saturdays 9.30-10.30am

Guaranteed Results!

If, after following the 4-week Kickstart Program you can honestly say that you haven’t burned fat, lost inches, gained strength and/or feel more energetic, we don’t deserve to keep your money and will give you a FULL refund.  So there’s nothing to lose!

“As someone who has been obese for many years now, I often felt like the health industry was not a great place to go for help.

The answers to my questions were always the same and clearly those answers weren’t working for me. I’ve finally found a team who can help me to understand how to break the cycles I’ve been in for most of my life.

I really feel like the yo-yoing has ended. “


Fitness Kickstart Program 2019

Meet The Trainers









Personal Trainer, Mindset Coach and Mentor

Pippa is a certified Personal Trainer and Functional Movement Practitioner. She is also a Meta Dynamics Master Coach and Speaker. In her spare time, she facilitates and mentors at Australasia’s No. 1 coaching school, The Coaching Institute. 


Pippa’s expertise in health & fitness, functional movement and human behaviour has been strategically developed over the years so that she can help people overcome both physical and mental limitations, realise their true potential and live life to the max.

Vicki Ryan Circle.png









Fitness Trainer

A busy mum to two boys, Vicki has spent over 6 years in the fitness industry delivering high quality personal training and group training sessions with a focus on women’s health and pre/post natal exercise programming.


She has a passion for boxing and kettle-bell training and is a dedicated endurance athlete who regularly competes in marathon and ultra-marathon events. Vicki is dedicated to self-progression and is forever improving her knowledge by learning from industry leading experts.

Normal Program Price $500

Special Offer Price $297


***Applications End Tonight***

The 4 Components

to Create Lasting Change

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We’ll start with introducing a REVAMPED APPROACH TO NUTRITION covering the fundamentals of nutrition and sharing our very simple system that focusses on long term impactful changes that can be used for a lifetime rather than relying on fad diets. From portion sizes and sorting out your pantry – to ensuring optimum hydration, we’ll instil a good understanding of the principles necessary for BIG changes and lasting success!


Next, we’ll focus on grasping a SOLID UNDERSTANDING OF TECHNIQUE for all the main movement patterns and demonstrate how to perform them correctly and safely.  These are the same fundamentals we teach every single one of our Fitness Partners – from experienced sports people to those who are just starting out.  We believe exercise should be fun and allow people to live with freedom, so minimising pain and risk of injury is absolutely essential.

“Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU

I cannot believe the difference and I feel like a teenager again.  After many years at different gyms and training programs, I was ready to give up exercising altogether and put up with the pain.

You have helped me build strength in many areas, but specifically my painful spots – knees and shoulder. A few months ago, I struggled to lift my left arm above my head…
…now after every training session, I can’t wait til my next one as I walk out that door feeling amazing.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


Fitness Kickstart Program 2018

Strength icon.png


With our highly trained and experienced fitness professionals, together we’re going to DEVELOP AN AMAZING TRAINING FOUNDATION using strength, conditioning and reactive exercises.  These won’t just help with moving and feeling better over the 4-week program but will teach valuable skills and build confidence for any future follow up programs.  We’ll go in-depth on the exact exercises that are required to lose weight, build lean muscle and maximise energy for life.

Mindset icon.png


One of the most overlooked areas when trying to make changes to the body is Mindset. We partner fitness with mindset and incorporate it in everything we do.  We’ll focus on how to DEVELOP A WINNING MINDSET FOR HEALTH that will help align your thinking and behaviours with your health and fitness goals, and help you understand what’s holding you back.  This is the key to unlocking ultimate success and is the reason we’ve seen so many amazing results in the women we’ve worked with.

Who This Is For

We keep our programs small to ensure we get to know you and your goals and provide the most value possible. 

So we're only looking for 12 women to take on this journey and it won't be for everyone.... but for the people passionate about health and personal growth who are ready to make real, sustainable life-long change, this may be the first step you've been waiting for...


I'm looking to boost my energy, motivation and performance in a sustainable way

I want to feel confident in my body

I've had enough of putting others first, it's time to put myself on my 'to do' list

I want to regain my fitness

I'm coming back to exercise after an injury or time away


I'm looking for the newest fad and a quick fix to achieve my health goals

I'm not willing to prioritise my health 3 times a week.

I'm more interested in encouraging others to get fit rather than leading by example. 

I prefer to be pushed to the maximum every session, even if it means I might get injured.

Normal Program Price $500

Special Offer Price $297


**Applications End Tonight***

But wait, there's more...

Plus, as our special way of saying thanks, by joining the program today, we’ll also be gifting you:

* Access to a private Facebook Group with daily Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle Resources and ongoing support.

* 2hr Launch Seminar covering Mindset and Nutrition

* Healthy Recipe e-book, Pantry Guide & Build Your Plate Guidance

Healthy Habit Challenges 

* Strength & Mobility workour series

Accountability and Support

* Progress tracking & adherence charts with optional weekly measurements to help you see your results.


All together, the program and extras total over $1,000!!!! but are all yours for the $297 program investment.

"“Pippa and the team provide an inclusive and non-judgemental environment tailored to each individual and their own goals.  I’ve learnt so much about fitness, health, nutrition and how to really set up for success!”I’ve already made so much progress and have completely shifted my life and mindset – and they made it so easy to do!”

Amy - Hampton East

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